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Journey To The Chianti: Getting To Know An Ancient Tuscan Region
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Journey To The Chianti: Getting To Know An Ancient Tuscan Region

Leonardo Castellucci
What country brings to mind more visions of romance, more images of breathtaking vineyards, and more scents of mouth-watering food than Italy? In Journey to the Chianti: Getting to Know an Ancient Tuscan Region, Leonardo Castellucci explores a growing Tuscan region of Italy with an unforgettable name: the Chianti. Castellucci brings this region to life through fascinating insights into the regions history and a look at the culture and life today.

Castellucci’s insight on the local history and character of the Chianti region itself are enough to fascinate and inspire; to add to the impact, the stunning pictures by photographer Gian Luigi Scarfiotti capture the reader’s imagination. The vibrant colors of the Chianti region’s famous vineyards captured in the book’s exceptional photography show why this region is beloved by Italians and Americans alike.

The Chianti region has fascinated American travelers for decades and is a must-see tourist spot for everyone visiting the Tuscan region. Chianti is located in the middle of--and serves as a transition between--the medieval city of Sienna and renaissance city of Florence. Because it is a crossroads between these two vibrant and historic cities, it contains a rich melding of history itself.

Journey to the Chianti: Getting to Know an Ancient Tuscan Region is the perfect addition to every traveler's or wine aficionado’s collection. Chianti is Italy’s most renowned wine, and Castellucci shows us why with a wonderful overview of its production processes, history, and little known facts such as that Chianti used to be a white wine instead of red. This is a rare beauty of a book that will be treasured by book lovers, travelers, "foodies," wine aficionados, and lovers of all things Italian alike.

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